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Database Administrator / Wireless Network Engineer

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DC Government

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washington, DC

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5 years ago

Candidate will work within the MPD IT department but will report to the MPD LPR Program Manager. Candidate should have experience managing large-scale tehnical projects with a minimum budget of $1M. Candidate should have a working knowledge of 802.11a/b/g/n wireless networks design/engineering and be able to administer wireless servers and resolve client connectivity, interference, authentication, and coverage issues. Must be able to fully administer and support MPD's License Plate Recognition System (LPR) in a fixed and mobile environment particularly the Elsag products MPH900 fixed and mobile devices. Working knowledge of imaging software and the complexities and algorithms associated with the software. Working knowledge OCR, Web OCR, Online- OCR Service found in imaging software.

Must be able to fully administer back end security software architecture Microsoft Sequel Server 2008-R2, 2012 Database management systems, data process flow from a single database, client server model and larger Enterprise Database Systems. Able to retrieve data, write and run queries over a local and wide area network. Must able to configure SANS on a large network. Can administer FTP server, Web Server and Cloud Computing. Able to perform data pushes and pulls from multiple applications. Knowledgeable in transparent encryption, entity Data Model, ADO.NET, Entity Framework , SQL Management Studio and Intellisense. Must be able to administer a full range of Microsoft products, Windows XP, Window server 2008s, MySQL, and MS Access, .Net Framework (3.5, 4.0), Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS), and MS Groove Manager Server. Must be able to write/develop and document SOP’s and SOW’s for ANPR and applications you will support. Must be able to configure, and administer Panasonic Tough book products, particularly CF30, CF29 CF 31 models.

Physical requirements include but are not limited to walking and standing for long durations; walking up and down ladders and stairways; negotiating uneven surfaces; crawling, stooping, and carrying, pushing or pulling a minimum of 50 pounds on level and uneven ground at various heights, walkways and stairways; kneeling, bending of torso and legs, holding one or both arms overhead for long durations, hand dexterity, full movement of head and extremities (hands, arms, legs, fingers, feet, etc.), acceptable hearing, etc. Able to comfortably walk, kneel, sit and perform technical operations at high elevations, (roof tops 10 floors or higher) and perform functions in inclement weather. Able to install and perform maintenance on CCTV equipment from high levels and out of bucket attached to a bucket truck.

Background check and fingerprinting is a must . Operate and work out of a bucket truck or other IT vehicles.