Aspiration Software LLC Software Developer (Systems Software) TS/SCI (With Poly) Required in Herndon, Virginia

Software Developer (Systems Software) TS/SCI (With Poly) Required

Software DeveloperHerndon, Virginia



DescriptionThe Sponsor is seeking a highly motivated individual to assist with the development, design and integration of a high profile enterprise API Portal. This individual will join an existing development team while bringing exciting ideas into a rapid and Agile DEVOPS environment. Responsibilities include: Developing detailed specifications inside an agile environment; Creating technical documentation and working from a story board; Designing solutions from both ground up as well while future-proofing the design; Developing and writing code in a paired programming environment; Managing and working within the code deployment process; Validating and testing code (including peer unit testing and review); Deployment and responsibility for health of the system. The Sponsor is seeking a strong developer with a rounded understanding of a multi-disciplinary candidate that broadly understands a variety of IT concepts and is comfortable learning, evolving and applying that broad knowledge on a daily basis. A candidate will work in an integrated test driven development environment that is highly reliant on DevOPS, AWS and related emerging technologies. The candidate will be expected to provide independent working ability as well as utilizing paired programming techniques to construct resilient and creative solutions to answer the challenges of this system. Team members are expected to develop specifications and make recommendations on existing systems using new and emerging technologies to promote system stability for the Sponsor's partners. Also, the candidate will be responsible with assisting with the daily operation and maintenance, which includes assisting with the extension, enhancement, refactoring, and architecture of the existing software and responding to a variety of ad hoc requests. This position will join an integrated project team and new team members will be expected to work closely with a variety of skill sets, such as Project Managers, System Engineers and Architects.Mandatory Skills1. Demonstrated on-the-job experience working in a DevOPS work place which can include, but is not limited to, GIT, Jenkins, Maven/Gradle, Rundeck, Artificatory/Nexus, etc.2. Demonstrated on-the-job experience with Enterprise Java Development frameworks and tools, which include, but are not limited to, springMVC for RESTful development using springboot, flyway, Java 8, Jackson, Jaxb, Junit and JPA.3. Demonstrated on-the-job experience with HTTP Protocol and REST Complaint APIs (experience with HATEOAS or HAL is a plus).4. Demonstrated on-the-job experience performing development and integration with COTS applications.5. Demonstrated on-the-job experience with a working knowledge of Linux variants (CentOS, Redhat etc.)6. Demonstrated on-the-job experience with JSON, XML and/or POJOs.Optional Skills1. Demonstrated on-the-job experience performing software design and application.2. Demonstrated on-the-job experience with a working knowledge on OAuth, PKI, ABAC/RBAC, XACML and PDPs.3. Demonstrated on-the-job experience conducting unit testing and documenting software modifications.4. Demonstrated on-the-job experience with deploying Software using DevOps deployment tools in the Sponsors environment.5. Demonstrated on-the-job experience with Amazon Web Services (Certifications a Plus).6. Demonstrated on-the-job experience with Test Driven Development and Continuous deployment with Continuous Integration tools (Describe which tools and methodologies have been used).7. Demonstrated on-the-job experience participating in an agile development team.