Aspiration Software LLC Software Developer (Systems Software) - SME or Expert ITDAS 2017-22388 in Herndon, Virginia

Software Developer (Systems Software) - SME or Expert ITDAS 2017-22388

Software DeveloperHerndon, Virginia



DescriptionThe Sponsor develops software in an Enterprise Bus ecosystem. The Sponsor also creates and maintains related web applications, establishes web services, and implements business data services. The Sponsor collaborates with other groups within multiple organizations to develop for this Enterprise Bus ecosystem. The Sponsor requires a dynamic individual who is expected to work in programming and integrating data security within an enterprise to facilitate role-based and controlled access by other systems and users. The Sponsor seeks an individual who will work with broad engineering, problem solving, and development skills that span back-end data processing, service layer, application, and presentation tiers. The successful candidate will work with a small team to create IT solutions that provide an integrated Enterprise Bus solution, and design, develop, and maintain related components. The individual is expected to work with the Sponsors corporate enterprise business applications to design, develop, and maintain web services around these layers to provide systems and end users easy access to the data. We are looking for someone who is team-oriented, self-motivated, and works with minimal supervision and driven to deliver excellent software quickly. The person should enjoy rapid development in a team of strong technical peers. The individual should be a problem solver with good communication skills, a positive attitude, and demonstrated ability to work constructively and proactively with program team members, customers, and stakeholders.Mandatory Skills1. Demonstrated on-the-job experience developing and supporting applications using Java and JavaScript.2. Demonstrated on-the-job experience with Git or GitHub.3. Demonstrated on-the-job experience developing and supporting applications using complex SQL, including the use of MySQL and Oracle tools.4. Demonstrated on-the-job experience with REST web services, including JSON and XML.5. Demonstrated on-the-job experience working on servers as a developer, including installing a software package on Linux.6. Demonstrated on-the-job experience developing and deploying applications to Tomcat or JBoss.7. Demonstrated on-the-job experience contributing to or writing system design specifications, technical presentations, or other development/engineering related documentation.8. Demonstrated on-the-job experience diagnosing and debugging difficult technical problems.Optional Skills1. Demonstrated on-the-job experience with the Sponsor's security practices as a developer, such as in-depth knowledge of SSL.2. Demonstrated on-the-job experience with Python and C++ languages.3. Demonstrated on-the-job experience with advanced JavaScript frameworks, such as Node.js or Angular and JQuery.4. Demonstrated on-the-job experience with map reduce, such as Hadoop, Horton Works, Amazon EMR.5. Demonstrated on-the-job experience with application development frameworks, such as Spring.6. Demonstrated on-the-job experience developing with one or more message buses or related technologies, such as JMS (ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ, etc.), OSG (ServiceMix, Camel, etc.)7. Demonstrated on-the-job experience with Hibernate or other object relational mapping techniques.8. Demonstrated on-the-job experience adjusting to changing priorities and handling multiple tasks in a team atmosphere.