Aspiration Software LLC Applications Developer TS/SCI (With Poly) Required in Herndon, Virginia

Applications Developer TS/SCI (With Poly) Required

Applications DeveloperHerndon, Virginia



DescriptionAre you a Full Stack, Polyglot, or a DevOps developer? Are you looking for a position supporting and developing components using bleeding technologies? Are you the type of person that codes in the evening, dreams of the cloud at night, and is always looking to protect your environment from the next zero day? Have you spun up a 100 node cluster for just a day or rebuilt your production environment over a weekend? Sponsor is looking for a multi-level Applications Developer. Positions work under minimal technical guidance provided by a more senior technical project leader. Positions are responsible for developing and/or integration of open source solutions, testing, implementing, and maintaining complex applications and/or databases. Positions also draft technical program documentation, such as end-user operational instructions. Depending upon assignment, positions may be responsible for developing and maintaining software applications and/or databases, including web applications and user interfaces. Sponsor is seeking an Applications Developer. Responsibilities include, but not limited to: * Partner with the working level officers across the IT applications, infrastructure, operations, IT security domains and with mission experts to understand the outcomes and measures required in both the technical and mission environments. * Ensure for the integration, test, and delivery of prototype code scripts which will run on both AWS and Sponsor services to demonstrate functionality required to meet current Assessment and Authorization. * Prototype technical solutions against sponsor's technology problems, gaps, risks, resources on networks and ensure for scalability to sponsor's networks. * Full lifecycle development (developing, testing, delivery, and troubleshooting issues) of custom application and/or integration of open source solutions within an immutable production environment. * Evaluate the applicability of particular technologies and process changes to sponsored business and mission requirements with recommendations in both written and presentation formats. * Analyze requirements in the context of commercial best practices and sponsored/mission organization strategic directions. * Evaluate the applicability of particular IT and Open Source solutions products to the sponsored enterprise; facilitate and/or participate in testing products against business and mission use cases. * Recommend transition/implementation sequencing plans and success measures with the project level enterprise and mission perspectives. * Customer service focal point for Tier 1-3 troubleshooting, infrastructure sustainment, maintenance and updates.Mandatory Skills1. Demonstrated on-the-job experience integrating, testing, scaling and delivering enterprise level IT applications, products and services across IT applications, infrastructure, operations and security domains.2. Demonstrated on-the-job experience designing, programming, testing and delivering high performing enterprise level IT applications, products and services.3. Demonstrated on-the-job experience debugging and supporting an enterprise level IT applications, products, or services in production.4. Demonstrated on-the-job experience with application development and deployment on Amazon Web Services OR completion of Amazon Web Services training in AWS development, system administration, architecting or integration.Optional Skills1. Demonstrated on-the-job experience with state-of-the-art cloud-based, programming, coding or scripting processes, tools and solutions in a rapid prototyping, DevOps style environment.2. Demonstrated on-the-job experience providing technical support to sponsored engineering activities, such as off-sites, workshops, hack-a-thons, deep-dives, and brainstorming sessions.3. Demonstrated on-the-job experience recommending transition/implementation sequencing plans and success measures with the project level enterprise and mission perspectives.4. Demonstrated on-the-job experience with Infrastructure As Code tools, such as Puppet, Chef, Terraform, boto, Serverless, or Cloud Formation.