Corporate Executive Board Operations Specialist in Arlington, District Of Columbia

Title: Operations Specialist Location: USA-DC OFFICE-Arlington Other Locations:

CEB’s HR Practice includes membership programs focusing on HR strategy, benefits, compensation, learning and development, and recruiting. The HR Practice Product Team supports products and services devoted exclusively for executives and their staff within these different HR functional areas.

We are looking for an individual to provide support to several products, with a focus on employee engagement surveys. This individual will be responsible for data service customization and results quality assurance, as well as client and product pipeline management and support. Additionally, this individual will be involved in supporting additional activities that include but are not limited to: survey data analysis and reporting and process improvement. The role will also allow for direct client engagement, helping to acquire members as users of data services and products, as based on market demand.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Product Development and Strategy: Through pitch, implementation, and results conversations, as well as feedback interviews and other sources, the Analyst will develop a robust sense of customer voice, allowing him or her to assist the product management and development teams in developing and prioritizing an ongoing slate of product enhancements.

  • Product Pipeline Management: Responsible for developing and managing a pipeline of members interested in product implementation: Effectively convey the value proposition of the tools during introductory calls and use consultative skills to work with members on on how to best utilize our tools to support their objectives. Support our stakeholders in utilization reporting on our clients use of our products and tools.

  • Member Implementation Management: This individual will support members throughout the product implementation cycle and will coordinate with internal stakeholders across CEB offices to deliver individual organization survey links, reports, or other organization-specific materials.

  • Process Development and Improvement: As part of managing individual tools, this individual will continually look for ways to enhance processes and improve the operational efficiency across the acquisition of clients and implementation of the product.

  • Quality Assurance: Relied upon to provide quality assurance for reports generated for senior most clients (high-profile work that requires zero defects). The Analyst will also be relied upon to generate special reports using data analysis tools such as Excel and, with oversight from senior team leaders, provide support for report interpretation by internal partners and clients. Additionally, this individual will be relied upon to help identify processes that improve workflows, saving the division time and maximizing efforts.

  • Applicants should have an active interest in data-based products, understand surveys and analytics, and enjoy working with data analysis tools such as SPSS and Excel. Additionally, applicants should be comfortable with supporting multiple stakeholders and products and be comfortable working with remote colleagues.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelor's Degree

  • 1 year of professional experience

  • Strong written and oral communication skills, including active listening

  • Results-oriented with an excellent attention to detail

  • Be a “big picture thinker”—focusing on long-term strategy and objectives—while balancing this against the need to execute in the near term

  • Strong project and time management skills

  • Self-starter who is an adaptive learner - able to work with little direct supervision, but able to track and report on work progress when needed

  • Demonstrated team player – willing to collaborate and step in to support team members as and when needed